Low power, daylight-visible displays enabling the next generation of devices.

Our Technology.

Battery Friendly

Using 20x less power than an LCD, our technology enables every surface to become a display.

Daylight Visible

Like ink on paper, our display can be viewed easily both indoors and outdoors.

Video Capable

Truly engaging experiences are made possible with fast refresh rates.

Full Colour

Delivers print-like colour quality.

About Us.

At Halion we believe every surface around you should be a display. We are building a fundamentally new display technology to enable the future of displays everywhere.

We are a startup working out of the Velocity Garage in downtown Kitchener. We are a team of ambitious and world-changing makers, entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists who are enabling tomorrow’s technology today. We believe the seemingly impossible opportunities are the ones most worth chasing.

Our Collaborators and Supporters.

  • Techstars
  • Velocity
  • Anorak Ventures
  • HELLA Ventures
  • OCE
  • GCC
  • UW Engineering

Get in Touch.


151 Charles Street West, Suite 199
Kitchener, ON N2G1H6
Email: [email protected]